timecoded wallpaper
black boxes
image bank


“The time code is a grid or matrix and is used to define a film image, or a piece of film
sound precisely, in terms of the passage of time. It encodes images and sounds. Every 24th of a
second on celluloid, every 25th of a second on television. We see our wallpaper, which addresses
the time code most directly, as a gigantic pictorial archive: each figure conceals an infinity of
possible images, which only editing equipment can make visible. Or it is about a single long film
seen from behind. Empty, silent, motionless. The sensual world is replaced by its digital image.
The time code stands, the numbers have a calming effect on us.“
(’RothStauffenberg, The Image Matrix; Towards a New Representation.’
Interview by Wolf Guenter Tiel for ‚Flash Art’ n° 215, Nov-Dec 2000)

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