timecoded wallpaper
black boxes
image bank


From two sides of the eaves, five figures look down on the visitors in the gallery's light well. The faceless figures were created especially for the location. The title UNTITLED CHARACTERS refers both to the frequent use by artists of the title 'Untitled', and to computer culture: undefined figures in computer games or as-yet-unnamed roles in scriptwriting programs are called 'untitled character' - still awaiting their name and their story. The narrowness of the light well directs the viewer's gaze upwards. With this perspective, RothStauffenberg refer to Wolfgang Tillmans's work himmelblau (2005). The scene puts the viewer in a situation where s/he finds him/herself at the bottom, at the vertical end of the space. At the same time, there is a voyeuristic effect: if someone stands staring up at something long enough, others will follow suit. The figures' masks and hoods seem to hide something, creating an identity that remains mutable and indeterminate. Reality blends with fiction.

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