timecoded wallpaper
black boxes
image bank


What happened on New Year's Eve 1980/81?

"…These rooms or locations subscribe to ideas that run deep in the history of the image, both still and moving. They subscribe to Atget's photographs of 19th century Paris, of which it was remarked that his empty, unpopulated streets looked like scenes of crimes waiting to happen. In this Atget anticipated the modern surveillance grid, diaries kept by machines, also there for the crime-in- waiting. These rooms subscribe to the idea of the false setting of the set…"
Christopher Petit, IN THE ROOM: some thoughts on ROTHSTAUFFENBERG'S BASED ON A TRUE STORY and the idea of LOST CINEMA, POST-CINEMA and POST-TRAUMATIC CINEMA, Zurich September 2008

dmx controlled location
3'26" loop, 8 channel audio, 12 channel light

The House at Nyehaus New York, curated by Adina Popescu, Part One November 2008

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