timecoded wallpaper
black boxes
image bank


What happened on New Year's Eve 1980/81?

"…the installation as a cinematic experience—activating a cognitive process inherent to cinema outside the parameters of its traditional aspects. Although the methodology of this could be explicated, it is perhaps more simply said that “you know it when you see it,” and better still, “you know it when you experience it.” Utilizing unstable elements of representational associations (again, first as evidence, alternating perhaps as metaphor), like a dishevelled room, disparate sounds and music, often unrecognizable “ready-mades” and baroque (in this sense, exposing the luxurious intricacy of decimation from the “modern”) architectural interventions, the works immediately place the spectator within a parallel frame of existence…"

Arfus Greenwood, REWRITE the SCRIPT (Lost, Forgotten and Presupposed by Arfus Greenwood) http://post.thing.net/node/2349, New York October 2008

dmx controlled location
3'26" loop, 8 channel audio, 12 channel light

The House at Nyehaus New York, curated by Adina Popescu, Part One November 2008

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