timecoded wallpaper
black boxes
image bank


Installation view (film set), "Drips Of Water Falling Onto China", 2005, W139, Amsterdam

Drips Of Water Falling Onto China
1' 14", loop
table, 2 chairs, bench, pillows, curtain, 7 mugs
8 wooden panels, wristwatch
window (aluminium)
wind machine
2 speakers
3 film spotlights, tripods
DVD player

soundtrack: trans am 'Orlando'

“The installation is made up of two parts, which seem to mirror each other and the totality seems to both de- and reconstruct the cinematographic experience. In the first room an ‚unpopulated’ film set is animated through a series of light and sound effects. The empty decor, devoid of actors, generates a (plotless) story, mysterious and unheimlich. The viewer however has no access to the set, he is forced to look at it as a distant image. In the second room, the visitor almost literally enters the film projected on three screens simultaneously ... The film, directly or indirectly, seems to include all for elements of the exotic as formulated by historian Jonathan D. Spence: ´the passionate, the aesthetic, the melancolic and the violent´ ... The cinematic illusions reinforced by the sudden appearance of smoke in the room, which obfuscates the view and gives an overall dreamlike character to the images.“ (Ann Demeester)

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