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Sarajevo Miami Remix, 2004
Esther Schipper, Art Statements, Art Basel Miami Beach

Paris, London, Turin, Miami
Boiree, plywood, 4 quartz clocks
165 x 37 x 3cm

People are too quick to claim misogyny. one should be able to iconically combine women and violence without a presumption of desire ... Or using the obvious presumption of desire in order to move beyond it. Granted, in your film you have a woman shrouded in nihilistic solitude (her own vessel, her own self-reflection) ... Out of it, she is struck down by a vehicle; out of it, she is destroyed as a mother; out of it, she is used as a sexual object; out of it, she is left lifeless (silenced, she is left within it). Yeah, on the surface this is misogynistic ... But at this point in history, it is easy enough to move beyond this ... What is the indicator? The duck is transcendent, as is the plushie, the rainbow spectacle, even the dog, suggests transcendence. And clearly the commentator locks us into an interpretation outside of desire. (Arfus Greenwood)

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