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The Pool of La Cumbre
Basel Art Unlimited 2008
Collaboration with Tobias Nolte and Nathan Carter

Franz Stauffenberg: For me it's all interior, the baroque chapel with no windows, or doors...
Tobias Nolte: It is pure geometry!
Nathan Carter: Well for me it does look like a big whale, or a submarine with antennas on top of it.
Christopher Roth: I would call it a space of possibilities. With endless possible connections, like space in films. It is left open, how it connects on its invisible or visible margins.
TN: The soundtrack even reminds me of Kepler's Music of the Spheres, which was founded on geometry.
FS: It would take 30 years to perform the entire piece.
TN: Yours?
FS: Kepler's.
CR: Ours is a 3 minute loop, but the sound and the light change since this time there is water and daylight involved...

The Pool of La Cumbre will be built in Argentina in the summer of 2009. But unfortunatly not the rooms connected. It will stand alone at the place where it was supposed to be built but not surrounded by the beautyful house.

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