timecoded wallpaper
black boxes
image bank



We Love Italy…
2'30", loop
TV monitor, DVD player
65cm x 88cm x 70 cm

“Tainment” NGBK, Berlin 2004

“5 or 6 people are hanging out in a large Italian restaurant. Most of them are male.
They smoke and drink. The restaurant is either closed already or not yet open. It is not
important what time it is. Most of the men seem to be employees. One is wearing a chef’s
uniform. In Italian, they discuss the left in Europe. Was it right to choose liberalism through
“the third way” --as Blair had wanted, and Schröder was still trying for—or
was it Jospin who was doing the right thing? Again and again, one hears them mentioning “La Sinistra”.
Of course they discuss Berlusconi, and the shift to the right in general.”

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