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The Kingdom of Mozartbique
Feature Film, in postproduction 2010

In 1975 there were still 'virgin' parts of the country, unoccupied as he might say, where people had never seen a photograph before or heard a recorded sound. Godard wanted to investigate the image there... What I imagine to be a place where no one had co-opted the language, where an image of the night might be, in fact, just, the night and not a symbol for darkness, death or secrets-an unadulterated image. We know the 'Mirror Stage' from Freud, where a child recognizes their own image in the mirror for the first time; but to be an adult and to see your own image for the first time... That is 'The Birth (of the Image)'... that is (pure) identity.
Out of the void of an image, there could be the birth of it. The place that was unoccupied by an interpretation might find its own voice, its own idealization... or realization.

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